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M22w Muncie 4-speed.

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Muncie M22w wide ratio 26/27 heavy duty gears and steel mid plate in a factory M22 main case.

Item Description

M22w (wide ratio 2;56-1st gear) all new heavy duty gears and internal build parts. 10spl 0r 26 spl input and 27spl output.  GM main case, GM side cover with stud style shift shafts and 27spl Tail housing. All number correct for the Camaro, Nova, Corvette, Chevelle but much stronger than the original M22. M22w (wide ratio) gears work perfect with 3;42, 3:55, 3:73 rear end gear ratio. File Photo of common set

Will be built to customers specs for best performance. 

Call Jeff for Details – 262-893-9812         Email – [email protected]


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2 Responses to “M22w Muncie 4-speed.”

  1. Olivier Savoie says:

    I would like to thank Jeff for is suggestion and prompt reply with
    my questions.
    i will be running a 3.55 in my 68 Camaro and ordered a wide ratio
    M22 10/27 spline for a good gearbox diff ratio balance and mostly for the gear whine specific to the M22 gearset.
    Jeff called me up on a Sunday just before indy 500 started after i requested some info, that pleasantly surprised me and we joked about it. That’s what you call customer comittement.
    Delivery was as planned.
    I have yet to install and use the tranny which will come later next year since my build is still in progress, but i was confident to get
    a quality product from Midwest Muncie.
    Thank you Jeff.

  2. Bob Nelson says:

    Oliver (Jeff too),
    You’re going to have a BALL with that new M22w Muncie. Back when Muncie trannys were readily available at the Junk yard, I was in the group that never gave the transmission that must thought. Some guys ran clutch-turbo automatics, but they were called “Tinkerbell” behind their back. MEN ROWED GEARS. A good scattershield and driveshaft loop
    (a rebuilt clutch and resurfaced pressure plate got many a guy around town or down the strip.

    I hope Hurst has a beefier shifter than their Competition Plus. I ripped a CP shifter right off a 2:56 Muncie and through the floorboard of a big block 1967 Chevelle it came.


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