Muncie 4 Speeds

4 speed muncie - M20, M21, M22

Auto Gear Super Case Muncie M22 4-Speed Rock-Crusher, Camaro 4-speed 10/27spl. SALE !! Save $300

ALL NEW SUPER CASE MUNCIE M22W WIDE RATIO 4 SPEED TRANSMISSION. One of the Best Strongest direct replacement 4-speed transmissions.

$ 2399
$ 2699

Super Pro Road/Drag Race Muncie Super Case M22 Rock-Crusher. SALE !! Save $300

Super Duty Pro Road Race M22, M22X, M22W, Read Description Below

$ 2599
$ 2899

NEW Auto Gear Super Case Muncie M22 4-Speed Rock-Crusher 26/32spl Street/Strip. SALE !! Save $300

All New and Strongest Heavy Duty Muncie Auto Gear Super Case M22 4-speed Close Ratio or Wide ratio 26 spline input and large 32 spline output shaft.

$ 2424
$ 2699

M22w Muncie 4-speed. Only 1 left at this sale price!! Sale!!

Muncie M22w wide ratio 26/27 heavy duty gears and steel mid plate in a factory M22 main case.

$ 2050
$ 2150